Pilot Program

The Neurodiverse Federal Workforce Pilot Program is a collaborative effort among MITRE, U.S. federal agencies, academia, and private industry. It seeks to increase high-tech career opportunities within the federal government for individuals on the autism spectrum by providing a modified application and interview process, professional development coaching, and co-worker autism awareness training.

MITRE and its partners have developed an approach to activate an untapped talent pool that leverages leading practices and tools that have been adopted by the private sector and non-governmental organizations. This program will tackle the dual problems of underemployment of adults on the autism spectrum and the shortage of high-tech talent, especially in cybersecurity and data management, in U.S. federal agencies.

Melwood has been selected to be MITRE’s partner for the NFW project, leading the recruitment of neurodiverse talent for this program, and designing and facilitating a one-week training and interview program that will offer training and development opportunities to participants. Melwood will also be providing coaching and support to the interns throughout their six-month internship. This support will focus on professional development, managing stressors, and building up a natural system of supports that will enable success beyond the six-month internship.

By completing the program’s two phases – a paid one-week training and evaluation program and a paid six-month internship – program participants will have a head start launching a career with the federal government.

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